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Ashley Watlington-Simms for District Court Judge

Competency. Consistency. Compassion. 

I am competent and have mastered district court in my current role as an Assistant District Attorney. I am always abreast of new case law and provide compelling legal arguments to ensure favorable outcomes for the community. 

Consistency is key and important during my daily legal practice. I strive to ensure fairness and implement the same policies and procedures to each case I handle.

District Court is what I would describe as the "Home of Second Chances." It is typically the first place any person in this county is subject to be in and experience while in court. It gives me an opportunity to change the negative perception that others may have about the Judicial System. I strive to find out the root of the problems presented in court so that we can more adequately address the major issue to prevent future court involvement and appearances. At times first offender programs are appropriate and other times immediate sentencing is appropriate however, it is important to investigate and view all aspects of a case prior to determining what is the best outcome for all involved. 



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